Deadline: 01.01.2020

Registration Fee

The registration fee of 80 € has to be paid to

Landesmusikrat Bremen
1128 0328
Sparkasse Bremen
Bank Code
290 501 01
DE45 2905 0101 0011 2803 28

Application Form

Attachments to the application (PDF/JPG):

  • proof of citizenship (scanned copy of identity card or passport)
  • curriculum vitae in tabular form in German or English (course of studies, place of studies, name of professor/teacher, concert activities)
  • certificate of studies, diploma or letter of personal recommendation
  • one portrait photo (300dpi)
  • the competition programme (in German or English) which you intend to perform in accordance with the Rules and Regulations of the competition.

/ /


Please provide full name of composer, name of work and playing times of all movements

One Sonata by Haydn, Mozart or Beethoven; one Etudes of Chopin; one of the listed Etudes and one piece of music composed after 1970 (please note the year of the composition)

One Sonata of F. Schubert and one piece or cyclus composed between 1825 and 1950

One piece of music composed before 1750 and a program of free choice

One of the listed piano concerts

PDF or JPG of your passport (max. 8MB)

Curriculum vitae as PDF document (max. 8MB)

Scanned diploma as PDF (max. 8MB)

Picture as JPG (high quality) (max. 8MB)